Accumulation, juxtaposition, and no ideas but in things
Kathleen John-Alder

Automotive urban landscapes: Exploring public programmes for adaptive reuse of underground car parks
Raf Ilsbroekx, Maarten Van Acker

In what style should we terraform? Geoengineering, planetary gardening and the creation of flourishing ecologies of practice
Kevan J. Klosterwill

Contemporary zoo design and the historical treasure of garden art: Tiergarten Schönbrunn
Orsolya Bagdiné Fekete, Kinga M. Szilágyi

Under the sky

Landscape architecture is resilient design: Enduring strategies and frameworks adapted from the Olmsted Office
Fadi Masoud, Elspeth Holland

Thinking eye in conversation

More than maps: Larissa Fassler’s cartographic drawings capture the complexities of a city
Samantha Cataldo, Larissa Fassler

Thinking eye, wandering ear
Jacek Smolicki and Tim Shaw

Book reviews

Roberto Burle Marx Lectures: Landscape as Art and Urbanism

Landscape for Architects

The Big Asian Book of Landscape Architecture

Exhibition review

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Genius Loci


In remembrance
Karsten Jørgensen


What time is this coast? Temporal encounters in the Arctic
Eimear Tynan

Location, materiality, participation: Memorial design for victims of violence in Latin America
Yeimy Walker, Jacky Bowring, Shannon Davis

Environmental consequences of the longing for power: Revisiting Lower Silesia’s landscapes under Frederick the Great
Patrycja Perkiewicz, Kelly Shannon

Under the sky

The ‘garden approach’ to landscape management: Reflexive feedback from the parcLAB experience conducted on the right bank of the Bordeaux metropolis
Benjamin Chambelland

Thinking eye

Lisa Moffitt

Book reviews

Thinking a Modern Landscape Architecture: West & East / Christopher Tunnard, Sutemi Horiguchi
Review by Maria Auböck

L’architecture de la voie Histoire et théories
Review by Florence André

Site Matters: Strategies for Uncertainty through Planning and Design
Review by Maria Hellström Reimer

critical landscape
routes and transects
aesthetic creation


A critical landscape and urban design Analysis of Egypt’s new Administrative Capital City
Julian Bolleter and Robert Cameron

Routes and transects: Reading extended urbanization in alpine zones
Bin Li

Aesthetic Creation Theory applied: A tribute to a glacier
Alexandra van Zyl and Rudi van Etteger

The Hotspot Cities Project: The case study of Bogotá 2050
Richard Weller, David Gouverneur, Zuzanna Drozdz, Boya Ye

Under the sky

From square to park: In search of centrality for Les Glòries in Barcelona
Cristina Ros Ballester

Thinking Eye

Understanding, proof and processes
Brenda J. Brown, Terry Harkness

Book Reviews

Patch Atlas: Integrating Design
Practices and Ecological Knowledge for Cities as Complex Systems

urban regeneration


New Nordic stereotypes:In search of alternative design practices for tourism in peripheral landscapes
Jens Christian Pasgaard, Peter Hemmersam, Tom Nielsen

Modern public spaces in Canada: A revaluation
Nicole Valois

Assessing automation: Methodological insights from experimenting with computer vision for public life research
Emily Schlickman

Roberto Burle Marx’s Cidade Parque
Barbara Boifava

Under the Sky

Formal and formless in Madrid Río Park
Alessandro Gabbianelli

Thinking Eye

Embodied terrain
Matthew Rangel

Important texts for landscape architecture from the last decade: Take 2

Memory Lands:
King Philip’s War and the Place of Violence in the Northeast

Lost in the Transit Desert:
Race, Transit Access, and Suburban Form

This Life:
Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom

Living Off Landscape or the Unthought-of in Reason

The Collapse of Western Civilization:
A View from the Future

After Nature:
A Politics for the Anthropocene

Neue Staudenverwendung

Technology and the Garden

cultural heritage
site thinking
animated visualizations


Terra infirma: The evolution of ground culture in Hong Kong
Xiaoxuan Lu

Design with Fourth Nature
Anita Bakshi and Frank Gallagher

Culture and nature in conserving the indigenous water system in rural China: A case study of the ancient village of Hongcun
Chuo Li and Hong Chen

Revealing urban climate through animated visualizations
Nina de Munnik and Sanda Lenzholzer

Under the Sky

Barcelona’s Tres Turons: Three hills and three cruelties
Lisa Diedrich and Marina Cervera

Thinking Eye

Residues – Arja Hop and Peter Svenson
Nina Svenson

Book Reviews

Reciprocal Landscapes: Stories of Material Movements
Review by Charlotte Leib

Ecologies of Prosperity for the Living City
Review by Kelly Shannon

AIRE: The River and Its Double/ La rivière et son double/ Der Fluss und sein Doppelgänger
Review by Annemarie Bucher

Doing Almost Nothing: The Landscapes of Georges Descombes
Review by Annemarie Bucher

Exhibition Review

AMO / Rem Koolhaas / Samir Bantal Countryside: The Future
Review by Anya Domlesky

coastal climate
park reform


Theorizing the resilience district: Design-based decision making for coastal climate change adaptation
Alan M. Berger, Michael Wilson, Jonah Susskind, Richard J. Zeckhauser

Is landscape surface?
Mary Pat McGuire

The artistic and social role of public gardens: Béla Rerrich and the renewal of public park design in early twentieth-century Hungary
Luca Csepely-Knorr

The rubble in the jungle: A fragmented biography of Lukala’s cementscape, DR Congo
Robby Fivez

Under the Sky

The paths of gods and architects: From Japan to the Acropolis–the landscapes of Dimitris Pikionis
Irène Vogel Chevroulet

Thinking Eye

Camera #11: Calgary Captured
Nicole Kahal, Tracy Lee

Book Reviews

Topographies of Memories: A New Poetics of Commemoration
Review by Kaitlin M. Murphy

Integrated Urban Agriculture: Precedents, Practices, Prospects
Review by Jessica Ann Diehl

Exhibition Review

Nous les arbres / Trees
Review by Alessandro Gabbianelli

For whom?
Exploring landscape design as a political project


A retreat critique: Deliberations on design and ethics in the flood zone
Lizzie Yarina, Miho Mazereeuw and Larisa Ovalles

From novel to relational: An approach to care for relational landscapes
Sara Jacobs

Gardening as geopolitics
Kenny Cupers

Nature’s offensive: The sociobiological theory and practice of
Louis Van der Swaelmen Koenraad Danneels

Computational pastoralism
Susan Herrington and David Zielnicki

Under the Sky

Kristof Vrancken

Thinking Eye

Revisiting the High Line as sociopolitical project
Greet De Block, Vera Vicenzotti, Lisa Diedrich

Beyond appearances: Community activism and New York City’s High Line
Diane E. Davis and Stephen F. Gray

When urban greening becomes an accumulation strategy: Exploring the ecological, social and economic calculus of the High Line
Natalie Gulsrud and Henriette Steiner

Book Reviews

Overgrown: Practices between Landscape Architecture and Gardening
Review by Thierry Kandjee

The End of Landscape in Nineteenth-Century America
Review by William L. Coleman

Natura: Environmental Aesthetics after Landscape
Review by Zanna Mae Matson

The Fabric of Space: Water, Modernity and the Urban Imagination
Review by Kelly Shannon

Conference Review

ECLAS Conference 2019: Lessons from the past, visions for the future: Celebrating 100 years of landscape architecture education in Europe
Review by Maria Beatrice Andreucci



Interweaving protected areas and productive landscapes in Aotearoa New Zealand: Using design to explore multifunctionality in the Mackenzie Basin
Mick Abbott, Cameron Boyle, Woody Lee, Li Xuejing

Making terrains: Surveying, drones and media ecology
Brett Milligan

Visualization, participation and rhetoric: The discursive power of landscape design representations in participatory processes
Kevin Raaphorst, Wim van der Knaap, Adri van den Brink, Gerda Roeleveld

Planning for commoning: Design research into the terrils of Charleroi
Jean-Philippe De Visscher

Under the Sky

Participation by or for design? The case of Albion Square in post-earthquake
Ōtautahi Christchurch, Wendy Hoddinott, Simon Swaffield, Emma J. Stewart

Thinking Eye

How to draw a dust storm
Danika Cooper

TE Shorts

Mineral Medium
Katherine Jenkins

Book Reviews

Yamuna River Project: New Delhi Urban Ecology
Review by Ashim Manna

The Spoils of Dust: Reinventing the Lake that Made Los Angeles
Review by María Fernanda Ordóñez

Many Norths: Spatial Practice in a Polar Territory
Review by Peter Hemmersam

Conference Review

Park Politics International Conference
Review by Lisa Diedrich

Compact cities


Hotspot cities: Identifying peri-urban conflict zones
Richard Weller, Zusanna Drozdz, Sara Padgett Kjaersgaard

Contested and constructed greenery in the compact city: A case study of Helsinki City Plan 2016
Ranja Hautamäki

Bicultural landscapes and ecological restoration in the compact city: The case of Zealandia as a sustainable ecosanctuary
Bruno Marques, Jacqueline McIntosh, William Hatton, Danielle Shanahan

Intended wildness: Utilizing spontaneous growth for biodiverse green spaces in a tropical city
Yun Hye Hwang, Zi En Jonathan Yue

Back on the street: Vienna, Copenhagen, Munich, and Rotterdam in focus
Jürgen Furchtlehner, Lilli Lička

Soil volume restrictions and urban soil design for trees in confined planting sites
Chi Yung Jim

Under the Sky

Park am Gleisdreieck, a dialectic narrative
Noël van Dooren

Thinking Eye

Annemarie Piscaer, Iris de Kievith

Book Reviews

Noise Landscape: A Spatial Exploration of Airports and Cities
Review by Sonja Dümpelmann

Lessons of Informality: Architecture and Urban Planning for Emerging Territories—Concepts from Ethiopia; Metropolis Nonformal
Reviews by Scott Jennings Melbourne

Prati urbani: I prati collettivi nel paesaggio della città / City Meadows: Community Fields in Urban Landscapes
Review by Marco Gazzoli

Designs for the Pluriverse: Radical Interdependence, Autonomy, and the Making of Worlds
Review by Kathleen Kambic

Exhibition review

Designed Landscapes Brussels 1775–2020
Review by Vivana d’Auria

Landscape Criticism

Thinking it

Landscape criticism: Between dissolution and objectification
Jeremy Foster

Landscape architecture and the digital turn: Towards a productive critique
Jillian Walliss

The body in the library, or a blood meridian
Denise Hoffman Brandt

The critical landscape architectural project
Richard Weller

Provisional thoughts on criticism in China’s landscape design
Mu Xiaodong

Criticism in the age of global disruption
Anita Berrizbeitia

Doing it

Siting re-assemblage: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Ted Brown and Bill Brown

Between community and culture: The criticality of landscape infrastructure reuse in India
Alpa Nawre

Performative by-products: The emergence of waste reuse strategies at the Blue Lagoon
Catherine De Almeida

The asymmetry of landscape: Aesthetics, agency, and material reuse in the Reserva Ecológica de Buenos Aires
Brian Davis

Renewed landscapes: Obsolete airfields as landscape reserves for adaptive reuse
Sara Favargiotti

Thinking Eye

Landscape architectural photography: The critical representation of realized projects at the intersection of intent and actuality
Rhys Williams

Book Reviews

On Accident
Kamni Gill

Gleisdreieck / Parklife Berlin

Designing Parks: Berlin‘s Park am Gleisdreieck or the Art of Creating Lively Places
Sandra Bartoli

Table rase et paysage: Une exploration des paysages de la modernité pour un renouveau critique du planisme
Bernadette Blanchon

Zollverein Park: Staub, Stille und Spektakel
Bianca Maria Rinaldi

Sustaining beauty and beyond


The sustaining beauty of productive landscapes
Mick Abbott

Ethics ≠ Aesthetics
Marc Treib

The effects of affect. A plea for distance between the human and non-human
Greet De Block and Vera Vicenzotti

Beauty in the flow? Unravelling the messy design process of an urban stream
Nitay Lehrer

Under the Sky

The Beekhuizen campground: A strategic design case study
Steven Heyde and Sylvie Van Damme

Thinking Eye

Drawing on site: Girona’s shores
Martí Franch

TE shorts

Stages: Cape Town
Jannike Stelling

Book Review

The Landscape Architecture of Richard Haag: From Modern Space to Urban Ecological Design
Review by Gunilla Lindholm

Conference Reviews

The Aesthetics of Planting Design
Review by Dorothée Imbert

The Culture of Cultivation: Designing with Agriculture
Review by Divya Kumar-Dumas

World Design Summit Congress
Review by Shelley Long

constructed nature
thing theory


Field exercises
Katherine Jenkins

Urban landscape design exercises in urban metabolism: reconnecting with Central Limburg’s regenerative resource landscape
Julie Marin and Bruno De Meulder

The landscape of things
Karl Kullmann

The scenography of nature in the work of Jean Nouvel
Jae-Young Lee

Under the Sky

Time, trial and thresholds: unfolding the iterative nature of design in a dryland river rehabilitation
Sareh Moosavi

Thinking Eye

Street DNA: the who, where and what of visual engagement with the urban street
James Simpson

Book Reviews

Cities in Time: Temporary Urbanism and the Future of the City
Review by Svava Riesto and Anne Margrethe Wagner

Constructed Ecologies. Critical Reflections on Ecology with Design
Review by Wolfgang Wende

Landscape Theory in Design
Review by Annemarie Bucher

Conference Review

A Table for Eight: Conversations on Landscape
Review by Marc Treib

ECLAS Conference 2017

Design and Research Roundtable
Review by Mick Abbott and Paul Roncken

design methods
thermal comfort


Leaves in movement: The letters of Roberto Burle Marx
Guilherme Mazza Dourado

Urban landscape approaches for a deindustrialized town: City Beautiful and modernist restructure in the case study of Bolton, Manchester
Luca Csepely-Knorr and Amber Roberts

Developing green infrastructure design guidelines for urban climate adaptation
Wiebke Klemm, Sanda Lenzholzer, Adri van den Brink

The French picturesque and the invention of landscape architecture as a design discipline
Steven Heyde

Under the Sky

Spectacle Island: From discarded fill to designed landscape, a ‘natural’-looking park
Chiara Geroldi

Thinking Eye

Mapping Current Wars and Conflicts
Dan Mills

TE Selected Shorts

Landscape of displacement
Brendan Bannon

Book Reviews

The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt‘s New World
Review by Kelly Shannon

The Course of Landscape Architecture: A History of Our Designs on the Natural World, from Prehistory to the Present
Review by Kelly D. Cook

Exhibition Review

Review by Georges Farhat

plant culture
contested public space
environmental planning


’Beauty is more than beauty’: Examining Karl Foerster’s position in German garden culture
Lars Hopstock

Live Matter: Towards a theory of plant life
Rosetta S. Elkin

Place in transition: Exploring the potentials of relocating disused oil rigs and transforming them into public places
Jacob Bjerre Mikkelsen, Ida Sofie Gøtzsche Lange

Prototyping the Mississippi Delta: Patents, alternative futures, and the design of complex environmental systems
Richard L. Hindle

Under the Sky

The contested public space of shopping streets: The case of Købmagergade, Copenhagen
Michael Friesen

Thinking Eye

At the meeting of earth and sky: A sacred and profane landscape in Upper Mustang, Nepal
Dane Carlson

Book Reviews

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Making the Modern Landscape
Susan Herrington

The discourse of the digital
in contemporary landscape architecture

Conference Review

Landscapes of Pre-Industrial Cities
Review by Kathleen John-Alder



Scenes of Amani, Tanzania: Biography of a postcolonial landscape
Astrid Ghyselen, Paul Wenzel Geissler, Johan Lagae, Peter E. Mangesho

From painful places to commemorative landscapes: Utøya in Norway
Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn

Cyborg landscapes: Choreographing resilient interactions between infrastructure, ecology, and society
Kees Lokman

Postcards from the edge: A critical reading of representations of the interior in Australian landscape architecture
Julian Bolleter

Under the Sky

Waiting for the pinewood: The Parc du Grand Pré and managing the extended time frames of a landscape project
Sonia Keravel

Thinking Eye

Anton James

Book Reviews

Stadt und Landschaft lesbar machen
Review by Noël van Dooren

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate
Review by Kelly Shannon

Conference Reviews

A Response to the New Landscape Declaration: A Summit on Landscape Architecture and the Future
Review by Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto

Bridging the Gap ECLAS Conference 2016
Review by Juanjo Galan

Landscape Architecture as Necessity
Review by Julie Marin

Exhibition Review

Roberto Burle Marx: Brasilian Modernist
Review by Marc Treib

sensory landscapes
stream valleys


Gilpin in the city: The Baltimore stream valley parks
Elissa Rosenberg

Shifting climate, reshaping urban landscapes: Designing for drought in the Campine landscape
Jeroen De Waegemaeker, Maarten Van Acker, Eva Kerselaers, Elke Rogge

Landscape for a planet with two dwarf suns
Marc Treib

Under the Sky

Sensory landscape experience: Stepping outside the visuallandscape of the motorway in the Garden of Birds
Saskia de Wit

Thinking Eye

The body as dust
Catherine Dereix Carrillo

Thinking Eye Selected Shorts

Field: The spaces between
Jon Hunt

Nameless Field
Katherine Jenkins

Braided Field
Liska Chan

Book Reviews

A Landscape Manifesto & Drawing and Reinventing Landscape
Review by David L. Hays

Beauty Redeemed: Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes
Review by Catharina Dyrssen

Episodic Urbanism: The RMIT Urban Spaces Project 1996–2015 by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design
Review by Julian Raxworthy

10 th anniversary issue


What’s in a name? The establishment of JoLA
Karsten Jørgensen

Research and design in JoLA
Martin Prominski

To Draw
Catherine Dee

Criticism: the potential of the scholarly reading of constructed landscapes. Or, the difficult art of interpretation
Bernadette Blanchon

Amid shifting paradigms: teaching and research
Kelly Shannon


Modernist landscapes of Ankara
Burcu Yiğit-Turan

Discovering the last free place: social identity and territorial conflict in the landscape of Slab City, California
Kathleen John–Alder, Andrew Op‘t Hof

Towards a new infrastructure: aesthetic thinking, synthetic sensibilities
David Salomon

Right-sizing shrinking cities: a landscape and design strategy for abandoned properties
Jeremy Németh, Justin Hollander

Under the Sky

Ile de Nantes 2000–2010: a method for the meantime?
Lisa Diedrich, Caroline Dahl

Book Reviews

Projective Ecologies
Review by Catharina Sack

nextland: Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur in Österreich / Contemporary Landscape Architecture in Austria
Review by Maria Hellström Reimer

novel ecologies
energy infrastructure
design disciplines


Designing dredge: engaging the sediment landscapes of the Great Lakes Basin
Sean Burkholder

Richard Hansen and modern planting design
Stefan Körner, Florian Bellin-Harder, Nora Huxmann

Disciplinary convergence: landscape architecture and the spatial design disciplines
Karl Kullmann

Developing renewable energy in discontiguous Greenland: an infrastructural urbanism of ‘material practices’
Susan J. Carruth

Aesthetic creation theory and landscape architecture
Rudi van Etteger, Ian H. Thompson, Vera Vicenzotti

Under the Sky

The urban university‘s hybrid campus
Thaïsa Way

Thinking Eye

Christopher Wallbank, Tim Birkhead

Book Reviews

Labo S Works 2004–2014. A Landscape Perspective on Urbanism
Review by Koos Bosma

Women, Modernity, and Landscape Architecture
Review by Karin Seeber

Conference Reviews

Let’s Walk Urban Landscapes. New Pathways in Design Research
Review by Saskia I. de Wit

30 years back


Complexity and spectacle: three American landscapes of the 1980s
Marc Treib

Imagining the Dutch polder landscape: a design by OMA from 1986
Christophe Van Gerrewey

Back to the future: merging landscape concepts of the 1980s into the truly holistic framework of tomorrow
Silvie Van Damme

Michel Corajoud and Parc Départemental du Sausset
Fabio Di Carlo

Under the Sky

Park design between community and professionals: the Wollefoppenpark in Rotterdam
Marlies Brinkhuijsen, Marinke Steenhuis

The versatile monument question: Parc de la Villette as managed reality
Vesna Jovanovic, Céline Baumann

Thinking Eye

The critical visual landscape

Book Reviews

‘Inhabited earth’: American landscape architecture writing in the 1980s
Review by Elizabeth Boults

Protecting, planning, and designing: Scandinavian landscape architecture between the ‘bookends’
Review by Thorbjörn Andersson

1976–1992, in the margins of the ‘French’ landscape years
Review by Philippe Nys

Short Book Reviews

Per i piaceri del popolo:
l’evoluzione del giardino pubblico in Europa dalle origini al XX secolo

De toekomst van het rivierengebied

Rotterdam, verstedelijkt landschap

Drawing the Ground – Landscape Urbanism Today.
The Work of Palmbout Urban Landscapes 98–100

Conference Reviews

Resilient Ecological Design Strategies (R.E.D.S.) 2 Alps

public space
borrowed scenery


Designing the ‘shapely city’: women, trees, and the city
Sonja Dümpelmann

Renewable energy distribution in public spaces: analyzing the case of Ballast Point Park in Sydney, using a triple bottom line approach
Kaan Ozgun, Debra Flanders Cushing, Laurie Buys

Borrowing scenery and the landscape that lends– the final chapter of Yuanye
Wybe Kuitert

Thinking ahead: design-directed research in a city which experienced fifty years of sea level change overnight
Nicki Copley, Jacky Bowring, Mick Abbott

Ecology good, aut-ecology better: improving the sustainability of designed plantings
Marc-Rajan Köppler, James D. Hitchmough

Under the Sky

A collection of stories: Euralens Centralité and the Louvre-Lens Museum Park
Zeltia Vega Santiago

Thinking Eye

Remembering the Celtic Peregrinati
Thomas Joshua Cooper

Book Reviews

Landscript 3: Topology: Topical Thoughts on the Contemporary Landscape
Christophe Girot, Anette Freytag, Albert Kirchengast, and Dunja Richter (eds.)

Wasteland: A History
Vittoria Di Palma

Landscape Architecture in Canada
Ron Williams

Conference Reviews

Great Asian Streets Symposium:
Asian Urban Places

Disaster and its aftermath


Shifting ground: Landslide risk mitigation through community-based landscape interventions
Joseph Claghorn, Christian Werthmann

From absolute protection to controlled disaster: New perspectives on flood management in times of climate change
Frédéric Rossano

Water as a metric for urban development in India
Alpa Nawre

Thinking Eye

Defiant gardens
Kenneth I. Helphand

Birds do not sing
Michael Mersinis

Under the Sky

Remembrance Park 14–18: The landscape as a score for the choreography of memory
Emilie Gallier

Landscape as memory
Thilo Folkerts

In conversation with

Miho Mazereeuw / Fred Keijzer

Book Reviews

Close Up at a Distance: Mapping, Technology and Politics
Laura Kurgan

Go with Me – 50 Steps to Landscape Thinking
Thomas Oles

Wächterhäuser an der Semmeringbahn: Haus Infrastruktur Landschaft
Roland Tusch

Conference Reviews

Urban by Nature. Sixth International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

Short Book Reviews

Humanitarian Architecture:
15 Stories of Architects Working After Disaster

Imaging Disaster:
Tokyo and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake of 1923

Regarding the Pain of Others

Difficult Places.
Landscapes of Remembrance by Sinai

Digital representation


Hyper-realism and loose-reality: the limitations of digital realism and alternative principles in landscape design visualization
Karl Kullmann

Beautiful landscapes in drag, the material performance of hypernature
Katherine E. Bennett

The potential of ecologically enhanced urban parks to encourage and catalyze densification in greyfield suburbs
Julian Bolleter, Cristina E. Ramalho

Pedagogical foundations: deploying digital techniques in design / research practice
Jillian Walliss, Heike Rahmann, Zaneta Hong, Jorg Sieweke

Under the Sky

Learning from artificial glaciers in the Himalaya: design for climate change through low-tech infrastructural devices
Carey Clouse

Thinking Eye

Piet Oudolf

Looking up, Looking down
Phoebe Lickwar, Katya Crawford

Book Reviews

The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island
Jonathon Conlin (ed.)

Operative Landscapes: Building Communities Through Public Space
Alissa North

Kritik zeitgenössischer Landschaftsarchitektur. Städtische Freiräume im öffentlichen Diskurs
Constanze A. Petrow

Conference Reviews

Sound and Scent in the Garden

Nature and Cities

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum Sarajevo 2014

Landscape Specifics


Designing large-scale landscapes through walking
Henrik Schultz

Navigating urban landscapes − adaptive and specific design approach for the ‘Landschaftszug’ in Dessau
Sigrun Langner

A hydroelectric landscape in the Italian Alps: elements, meanings, and design cues in a historical hydroelectric development in Alta Valtellina
Francesco Carlo Toso

The management of dissonance in nature restoration
Thomas Juel Clemmensen

Tropism and tectonics − fundamental principles of space formation
Per Hedfors

Thinking Eye

Land Prints
Roberto Rovira

Under the Sky

Urban agriculture in Vila Nova de Gaia: the nurturing symbiosis
Isabel Martinho da Silva

In conversation with
Marc Antrop / Tim Ingold

Book Reviews

Petrochemical America
Richard Misrach and Kate Orff

New Geographies 3: Urbanisms of Color
Gareth Doherty (ed.)

Short Book Reviews

Greening Berlin | City Trees | The City in the City – Berlin: A Green Archipelago

Exhibition Review

André Le Nôtre en Perspectives, 1613 −2013

Grove: Landscape Architectural Drawings
by Catherine Dee

Conference Reviews

Metropolis Nonformal: Anticipation



Andscapes: Concepts of nature and culture for landscape architecture in the ‘Anthropocene’
Martin Prominski

Improving the allocation of flood-risk interventions from a spatial quality perspective
Anne Loes Nillesen

Linear infiltration systems along urban streets: evaluating aesthetic values
Frank Sleegers, Elizabeth Brabec

Experience of vegetation-borne colours
Petra Thorpert, Anders Busse Nielsen

Karabaglar revisited: the making of community through the yurt, the masjid, the coffeehouse, and the plane tree
Feray Koca, M. Adnan Barlas

Thinking Eye

Reading the colours of plants at a finer scale
Margaret Grose

Under the Sky

Southern France riverbank projects in Montpellier and Perpignan: from designed space to interpreted space
Fanny Romain

Book Reviews

Unbounded Practice: Women and Landscape Architecture in the Early Twentieth Century
Thaïsa Way

Alternatives au gazon
Olivier Filippi

Meaning in Landscape Architecture & Gardens. Four Essays, Four Commentaries
Marc Treib (ed.)

Conference Reviews

Thinking the Contemporary Landscape-Positions & Oppositions

Rome Ecological Design Symposium

Bureau Bas Smets

Water Landscapes


The ’duties of water’ with respect to planting: toward an ethics of irrigated landscapes
James L. Wescoat Jr.

Reinstating water, resurrecting the Witwatersrand
Tahira Natasha Toffah

From planning to profiling: reactivating characteristic watermarks to structure the Flemish territory
Christian Nolf, Bruno De Meulder

The aesthetic performance of urban landscapebased stormwater management systems: a review of twenty projects in Northern Europe
Antje Backhaus, Ole Fryd

Blue voids: stormwater strategies for abandoned lands
Jill Desimini

Thinking eye

Water Tank
Catherine Seavitt Nordenson

fishbag: art and science out of the river bellyk
Corinne Studer

Under the Sky

Designing with water above the Arctic Circle: East Three School
Susan Herrington

In conversation with

Terje Tvedt
Matthew Gandy
Herbert Dreiseitl

Book Reviews

The Waters of Rome: Aqueducts, Fountains, and the Birth of the Baroque City
Katherine Wentworth Rinne

River.Space.Design. Planning Strategies, Methods and Projects for Urban Rivers
Martin Prominski, Antje Stokman, Daniel Stimberg, Hinnerk Voermanek, Susanne Zeller

Sweet & Salt: Water and the Dutch
Tracy Metz, Maartje van den Heuvel (eds.)

Short Book Reviews

Asia´s New Battleground

Shallow-Water Dictionary:
A Grounding in Estuary English

A Swimmer´s Journey through Britain

Le pont transbordeur de Marseille, Moholy-Nagy

Conference Reviews

Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa

André Le NÔtre and Water:
Aesthetics and Mastery

Smart City:
The Next Generation, Focus Southeast Asia and Overflowing Potential: The Urban Water Challenge

Asia Water Week 2013

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013

Pleasure Garden


Landscapes transitional, modern, modernistic, modernist
Marc Treib

Synthetic patterns: Fabricating landscapes in the age of ‘green’
Karen M’Closkey

Reciprocal landscapes: material portraits in New York City and elsewhere
Jane Hutton

Certain pleasures, ambiguous grounds: the etymology and evolution of the pleasure garden
Lake Douglas

Urban landscape systems understood by geo-history map overlay
Wybe Kuitert

Green infrastructure: planning a national green network for Australia
Simon Kilbane

Under the Sky

Landscapes of industrial excess: A thick sections approach to Gas Works Park
Thaïsa Way

Thinking Eye

Digital reconnaissance
Jörg Rekittke, Philip Paar, Ervine Lin, Yazid Ninsalam

Book Reviews

Landform Building: Architecture’s New Terrain
Stan Allen and Marc McQuade (eds.)
Groundwork: Between Landscape and Architecture
Diana Balmori and Joel Sanders

Clio in the Italian Garden
Mirka Benesˇ and Michael G. Lee (eds.)

Keywords in American Landscape Design
Therese O’Malley, with contributions by Elizabeth Kryder-Reid and Anne L. Helmreich

Conference Reviews

On the Design of Contemporary Landscape

Green Infrastructure:
From Global to Local EFLA Regional Congress

Making Space
André Le Nôtre: From Heritage to Action

Ethics / Aesthetics


East of Eden
Ken Worpole

Le Nouveau Jardin Pittoresque: ethics, aesthetics and garden design in Belgium (1913–1940)
Bruno Notteboom

Meaning versus signification: towards a more nuanced view of landscape aesthetics
Eva Gustavsson

‘An all-day garden’ – the kibbutz as a modernist landscape
Elissa Rosenberg

In search of meta-landscape architecture: the ethical experience and Jaffa Slope Park’s design
Naama Meishar

Urban forest and landscape infrastructure: towards a landscape architecture of open-endedness
Stefan Darlan Boris

The aesthetics of digital representation: realism, abstraction and kitsch
Katie Kingery-Page and Howard Hahn

Whose goodness? Ethics and aesthetics in landscapes of dissensus
Maria Hellström Reimer

Under the Sky

The politics of aesthetics: expanding the critique of Headland Park, Sydney
Jillian Walliss

The utility and aesthetics of landscape: a case study of Irish vernacular architecture
Dougal Sheridan and Deirdre McMenamin

Thinking Eye

The quiet work of drawing
Georges Descombes

Book Reviews

Bureau B+B: stedebouw en landschapsarchitectuur: een collectief talent 1977–2010
Bureau B+B: Urbanism and Landscape Architecture: Collective Genius 1977–2010
Marinke Steenhuis et al.

Overlooking the Visual: Demystifying the Art of Design
Kathryn Moore

How Travelling Fruit, Ideas and Buildings Rearrange Our Environment


Storming the Gates of Paradise:
Landscapes for Politics

A Framework for Geodesign:
Changing Geography by Design

Design for the Other 90%

Design with the Other 90%: Cities

Conference Reviews

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum

Food and the City

Landscape Connectivity and City-Region Planning

Writing Landscape: Criticism Now

Eye Tracking
Site Specificity


Site specifity in contemporary large- scale harbour transformation projects
Ellen Brae, Lisa Diedrich

Quantitative methods of measuring restorative components in urban public parks
Helena Nordh

Learning from FedEx: lessons for the city
Clare Lyster

Spectral denivelations: la mémoire du rail and topographical excess at the Jardins d’Éole
Jeremy Foster

Under the Sky

Processing Downsview Park: transforming a theoretical diagram to master plan and construction reality
Alissa North

Thinking Eye

Why is drawing important to research?
Khondaker Hasil Kabir

Book Reviews

Landscapology. Learning to Landscape the City – Paul van Beek and Charles Vermaas
Review by Christophe Girot

Frederick Law Olmsted: Essential Texts Robert Twombly (ed.)
Review by Sonia Keravel

(Re)Designing Nature – Current Concepts for Shaping Nature in Art and Landscape Architecture – Susanne Witzgall, Florian Matzner, Iris Meder, Künstlerhaus Wien (eds.)
On The Water / Palisade Bay – Guy Nordenson, Catherine Seavitt, Adam Yarinsky, et al.
Review by Erik Meinharter

Conference Reviews

Jacques Gréber, Urbanist and Garden Designer
Review by Jereon de Vries

Second Wave of Modernism: Landscape Complexity and Transformations
Review by Thaisa Way

Mind the Gap: Landscapes for a New Era
Review by Peter Zöc

Linear parks


Landscape Cubism: parks that break the pictorial frame
Beth Diamond

Resilience as a framework for urbanism and recovery
Penny Allan, Martin Bryant

Dam[ned] landscapes: re-visioning the Volta River Project’s unsettled territories
Viviana d’Auria, Bruno De Meulder

Thin parks/thick edges: towards a linear park typology for (post)infrastructural sites
Karl Kullmann

Under the Sky

Gardening forms: landscape architecture and gardening in Sven-Ingvar Andersson’s garden at Marnas
Julian Raxworthy

Thinking Eye

NYC Roofscapes
Alex MacLean

Book Reviews

Spatial Recall: Memory in Architecture and Landscape Marc Treib (ed.)
Review by Constanze A. Petrow

Bracket 1: On Farming / Mason White and Maya Przybylski (eds.)
Review by Maddalena Falletti

Designing the Reclaimed Landscape / Alan Berger (ed.)
Review by Alissa North



Checkerboard Cascades: forestry and design in the American Northwest
Dan Handel

Research strategies in landscape architecture: mapping the terrain
Simon Swaffield, M. Elen Deming

Between cultural and ecological processes: historical plant use in communal parks in Berlin, Germany
Sylvia Butenschön, Ina Säumel

Landscape machines: productive nature and the future sublime
Paul Roncken, Sven Stremke, Maurice P.C.P. Paulissen

Under the Sky

Hidden meanings, obvious messages: landscape architecture as a reflection of a city’s self-conception and image strategy
Constanze Petrow

Thinking Eye

Moonlight in Japanese Zen Buddhist Temple Gardens: an analytical simulation
Toru Mitani

Book Reviews

Fra naturlig natur til SUPERNATUR. Europæisk landskabsarkitektur 1967-2007 set fra Danmark
Malene Hauxner

Thomas Mawson: Life, Gardens, and Landscapes
Janet Waymark

Urban Green. European Landscape Design for the 21st Century
Annette Becker, Peter Cachola Schmal (ed.)

Memorial Parks
J.B. Jackson
Five Years


Regionalisation: Probing the urban landscape of the Great Lakes Region
Pierre Bélanger

Qualifying urban landscapes
Thomas Juel Clemmensen, Morten Daugaard, Tom Nielsen

Jackson’s Concluding with landscapes – full circle
Wolfram Höfer, Ludwig Trepl

Colonial and post-colonial memorial parks in Lucknow, India: shifting ideologies and changing aesthetics
Amita Sinha

Under the Sky

Place Émilie-Gamelin in Montréal – landscape narrative, meaning and the uses of public space
Nicole Valois, Josiane Paradis

Thinking Eye

Marrakech to Sahara: The outlier’s body as measure of terrain
Kristi Dykema Cheramkie, Jeffrey A. Carney, Samuel E. O’Meara

Book Reviews

Ecological Urbanism

Mumbay in an Estuary

Contemporary Garden Aesthetics, Creations and Interpretations

Between Garden and City
Jean Canneel-Claes and Landscape Modernism

When Modern Was Green:
Life and Work of Landscape Architect Leberecht Migge

Corporate Ecologies


Corporate ecologies
Brett Milligan

Unsettling eco-scapes – aesthetic performances for sustainable futures
Maria Hellström Reimer

The deep grain of the inquiry: landscape and identity in icelandic art
Roxi J. Thoren

The art of transmission: mediating meaning in contemporary French landscape design.
Sonia Keravel

Under the Sky

From public garden to corporate plaza: Piccadilly Gardens and the new civic landscape
Rowland Byass

Thinking Eye

A graphical analysis of Versailles Garden promenades
Catherine Szántó

Book Reviews

Visits. Town and Territory – Architecture in Dialogue

Learning from Seattle’s Urban Community Gardens

Boomtown 2050: Scenarios for a Rapidly Growing City

Landscape Architecture Europe – On Site



The 7000 Eichen of Joseph Beuys – experiences after twenty-five years
Stefan Körner, Florian Bellin-Harder

What roles for ruins? Meaning and narrative of industrial ruins in contemporary parks
Elisabeth Clemence Chan

Mughal gardens of the Indian Subcontinent and the colonial legacy: the treatment of Delhi’s Shalamar Bagh
Jyoti P. Sharma

Ruins, ideology and the Other in the landscape: the case of Zippori National Park, Israel
Shelley Egoz, Racheli Merhav

Under the Sky

The Sadabad Park project in Istanbul– balancing garden heritage conservation and contemporary park design
Hayriye Öztürk

Thinking Eye

Living with the dead
Andy Clayden, Jenny Hockey, Trish Green, Mark Powell

JoLA Lab

Versailles Lecture 2008 – The projects of Grenoble and Allonnes or the economy of means
Alexandre Chemetoff

Book Reviews

Small Town Sustainability

On Landscapes

Gardens, City Life and Culture:
A World Tour

Land and Natural Development – (LAND) Code


Unbounded Practice



‘As good as the West’: two paradoxes of globalisation and landscape architecture in St. Petersburg
Jacky Bowring, Shelley Egoz and Maria Ignatieva

Diversification of grassland in urban­ greenspace with planted, nursery-grown forbs
James Hitchmough

Para-Scape: landscape architecture in Dubai
Julian Bolleter

Landscape architecture’s commitment to landscape concept: a missing link?
Adnan Kaplan

Embedded poetics and surrounding politics of a coastal squatter settlement
Reena Tiwari

Under the Sky

Two squares in Helsinki: a biography
Marc Treib

Thinking Eye

The touch of the world: dynamic vegetation studies and embodied knowledge
Roland Gustavsson

Book Reviews


Creating Knowledge

Barcelona, perifèria cubista

Invisible Work – Michael van Gessel

Museumplein di Amsterdam


Adaptive Strategies
Urban Countryside
Growth Scenarios


Live with Water: Flood Adaptive Landscapes in the Yellow River Basin of China
Kongjian Yu

Bejing‘s New Urban Countryside – designing with Complexity and Strategic landscape planning
Antje Stokman, Sabine Rabe, Stefanie Ruff

Aranjuez, a Cultural Landscape in a Process of Revitalisation. The Recovery of the Raso de la Estrella
M.A. Aníbarro, J. Ibáñez, D I. Gazapo

Planning by Design. Landscape architectural scenarios for a rapidly growing city
Richard Weller

Under the Sky

Sandstone and Rust: Designing the Qualities of Sydney Harbour
Julian Raxworthy

Thinking Eye

Seeing the landscape breathe
Cathy Soergel Marshall

Book Reviews

Mosaics – West 8

Latinscapes: Landscape as raw material


El jardín en la arquitectura del siglo XX

Representing Landscape Architecture

Influential Planners


Sustaining beauty. The performance of appearance. A manifesto in three parts
Elizabeth K. Meyer

Landscape planning for flood risk management planning with SEA
D. Bruns, N. Haustein, J. Willeke

A city is not a building – architectural concepts for public square design in dutch urban climate contexts
Sanda Lenzholzer

Landscape planning: A brief history of influentual ideas
Carl Steinitz

Under the Sky

The urban as infrastructural landscape. Open space and infrastructure networks in the Val de Bièvre metropolitan area (Paris)
Georges Farhat

Thinking Eye

Hidden Town
Gregor Graf

Book Reviews

Staging Change

Open Space: People Space

E40° – An Interpretive Atlas

Landscape +

The Sun King Louis XIV

Sri Lanka


Indigenous Landscape Urbanism: Sri Lanka’s Reservoir & Tank System
Kelly Shannon & Samitha Manawadu

Private Use of Public Open Space. A Study of the Hybrid Landscape of Tokyo‘s Informal Gardens
Marieluise C. Jonas

The 21st Century Garden City? The metaphor of the garden in contemporary Singaporean urbanism
Richard Weller & Steven Velegrinis

The new Dutch parks: relation between form and use
Alexandra Tisma & Margit Jókövi

Under the Sky

Cheonggyecheon Linear Park, Seoul
Maria Bianca Rinaldi

Thinking Eye

Olivier Marty

Book Reviews


Constructing Architecture

Rebel in the Garden

New Waterscapes

In Gardens

André Le Nôtre, fragments d’un paysage culturel



Landscape Architects of the World Unite! Professional Organizations, Practice, and Politics, 1935-1948
Dorothée Imbert

Landscoping. Teaching Experiments in and around Geneva
Sandra Parvu & Eunate Torres

Constructing Landscape Conceptions
Ana Kučan

Adding Third Nature to Second Nature. Design Strategies for Peripheral Landscapes
Almut Jirku

Under the Sky

Charles Jencks’ Landform at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh
Catharine Ward Thompson

Thinking Eye

Louise Hopkins

Book Reviews

The Landscape Urbanism Reader

The Culture and Politics of Gardens

Gilles Clément:
Une écologie humaniste

Landscape Urbanism
Spontaneous Vegetation


Barcelona’s Fossar de les Moreres: Disinterring the Heterotopic
Anne Marie Hallal

Reclaiming the Obsolete in Transitional Landscapes: Perception, Motion, Engagement
Krystallia Kamvasinou

Landscape Urbanism in Europe: From Brownfields to Sustainable Urban Development
Pierre Donadieu

Intentions for the Unintentional
Norbert Kühn

Under the Sky

Tilla Durieuxpark & Spreebogenpark
Noël van Dooren

Thinking Eye

Digital Botany
Jörg Rekittke & Philip Paar

Book Reviews

Lexicon of garden and landscape architecture

Wasting Land in Urban America

Theory in Landscape Architecture
A Reader

Landscape Architecture Europe

Only with Nature
Catalogue of the Third European Landscape Biennial, 2003

Qualitative Research
Rural Landscapes


Theory and Critique in Landscape Architecture: Making Connections
Simon Swaffield, Lincoln University, New Zealand

From ‘Reading’ the Landscape to ‘Writing’ a Garden: The Narrative Approach in the Design Studio
Tal Alon-Mozes, Technion, Israel

Rural Landscape Anatomy: Public space and civil yards in Dutch rural landscapes of the future
Paul Roncken, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Qualitative Research as a Perspective for Urban Open Space Planning
Soeren Schoebel, Munich University of Technology, Germany

Under the Sky

When landscape designs public space… ‘Plaine du Grand Tournant’ in Lille by Latitude Nord
Denis Delbaere, Ecole Nationale supérieure d‘Architecture et de Paysage de Lille

Thinking Eye

Global Garden
Steen Hoyer, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark

Book Reviews

The Urban Dimension.
Thirteen Variations on Modern City Culture

Landscape Urbanism:
A Manual for the Machinic Landscape

Créateurs de jardins et de paysages en France de la Renaissance au XXIeme siècle