The white ribbon:
Mediating erosion and modulating overwash
on a Lake Michigan Beach ridge plain
Brian Davis, Theresa Ruswick, Sean Burkholder

The hydro-cultural dimension in Water-Sensitive
Urban Design for Kozhikode, India
Geert J.M. van der Meulen, Taneha Kuzniecow Bacchin, Machiel J. van Dorst

Built to last:
Re-engaging indigenous infrastructure
in China’s rural development
Ying Zeng, Chenhao Zhu, Boqian Xu, Zhongjie Lin

Matters of soil:
Mediterranean islands as a lens into the substances,

issues and significance of the world under our feet
Pablo Pérez-Ramos, Stefania Staniscia

The history of the future of a new town:
Milton Keynes, the ‘Forest City’
Paul Cureton


The gift thats keeps on giving:
Reflections on Forest City
Lee Shostak

Under the sky

Gardening to appropriate the streetscape:
The example of Bordeaux’s garden street
Aurélien Ramos

Floriade 2022:
The garden show as debatable event,
yet a catalyst for the future of cities
Noel van Dooren

Thinking eye

The divine in mass graves:
Transient Lithospheres above Mexican femicide

Helen Blejerman

Chromatic landscapes of Greenland
Marc R. Eischeid

Book reviews

Von Gärten und Menschen:
Gestaltete Natur, Kunst und Landschaftsarchitektur

Lilli Lička and Christian Maryška (eds.)

250 Things A Landscape Architect Should Know
B. Cannon Ivers (ed.)

Urban Agri-Cultural Heritage
Frank Lohrberg, Katharina Christenn, Axel Timpe and Ayça Sancar (eds.)

Alpine Industrial Landscapes:
Towards a New Approach for Brownfield Transformation

in Mountain Regions
Marcello Modica

Urban Forestry


Urban forests, forest urbanisms and global warming:
Developing greener, cooler and more resilient

and adaptable cities
Kelly Shannon, Chiara Cavalieri, Cecil Konijnendijk


Madrid Metropolitan Forest and the water cycle
Margarita Jover

Contested forests: The Van Gujjars’ struggle to settle
Zeba Amir, Bruno De Meulder

Deliberate and less intentional urban forests
Jorg Sieweke

Beyond the axe:
Interdisciplinary approaches towards
an urban silviculture
Nicholas Pevzner, Max R. Piana, Richard A. Hallett

Wood for the trees:
Design and policymaking of urban forests

in Berlin and Melbourne
Brent Greene, Wendy Walls

Under the sky

Botanic nations:
The aesthetic of the forest in Chandigarh
and Singapore
Bianca Maria Rinaldi

Thinking eye

Inhabited flooded forests of the Tonle Sap Lake
Vu Thi Phuong Linh

Forest Urbanism Frame:
A common ‘ground’ between forest and urbanism

Wim Wambecq

Book reviews

Outdoor Domesticity:
On the Relationships between Trees,

Architecture and Inhabitants
Ricardo Devesa

Green Obsession:
Trees towards Cities, Humans towards Forests

Maria Chiara Pastore, Simone Marchetti (eds.)

Conference review

Urban Forests, Forest Urbanisms and
Global Warming

mountain landscape
urban interstice


Projecting the deep ground
Ayşen Savaş, Funda Baş Bütüner, Sezin Sarıca, Nesli Naz Aksu

Augmenting socioecological dynamics in urban
leftover spaces: Landscape architectural design
as a foundation
Sitong Luo, Saskia de Wit

The aesthetic dimension of productive green
community spaces
Tal Alon-Mozes, Avigail Heller

Under the sky

Glacier blanketing:
Two approaches in the European Alps
Carey Clouse

Thinking eye

Recovering aesthetics:
Pictures, power and the Pyrocene
Emily Schlickman, Brett Milligan

Terai trajectories:
Layering design action in the plains of Nepal

Dane Carlson

Book review

The Mushroom at the End of the World:
On the Possibility of Life on the Capitalist Ruins

Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Exhibition reviews

La préséance du vivant and Projet(s) terre(s)
Biennale d’Architecture et de Paysage
d’Ile-de-France (Bap!)


home ecologies


An encounter with stone. Designing with the aesthetic force
of post-mining landscapes
Shaun Rosier

Leave Catalytic Traces:
Land-based infrastructures for environmental mitigation at Fly Ranch, Nevada, USA
Jessica Rossi-Mastracci

The fictional soils of a ‘sustainable’ Anthropocene:
A new materialist story of the soils of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Eric Guibert, Alec Tostevin

Under the sky

The Palimpsest Plan:
A critical investigation of the French Métropole Jardin
Denis Delbaere, Frédéric Pousin

Thinking eye

Homing bodies
Suzanne Mathew, Stewart Skylar Copeland

Drawing during lockdown:
Observing the ‘unquantifiable, but speculatively knowable’ dimensions of residential landscapes
Nicole Porter

Book reviews

Parks of the 21st Century:
Reinvented Landscapes, Reclaimed Territories

Victoria Newhouse with Alex Pisha

New Grounds for Dutch Landscape
Lytle Shaw

Mise-en-Scène: The Lives and Afterlives of Urban Landscapes
Chris Reed and Mike Belleme (eds.)

design method


Rereading St Ann’s Hill
Susan Herrington

Multispectral imagery and land cover classification
Karen M’Closkey, Keith VanDerSys

Humanly modified ground and time-based aesthetics
Thomas Juel Clemmensen

Grounding landscape design in high-resolution laser-scanned topography
Philipp R.W. Urech, Aurel von Richthofen, Christophe Girot

Under the sky

Experiments in landscape architecture in 1970s France:
The Cergy-Pontoise Recreational Park

Suzanne Rey

Thinking eye

By the Numbers: Rethinking the AgriCultural Image
Forbes Lipschitz

Book reviews

The Topography of Wellness:
How Health and Disease Shaped the American Landscape
Sara Jensen Carr

Historical Gardens, Truth and Fiction:
Critical Readings of Historical Models in the Landscapes of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Monique Mosser, José Tito Rojo and Simonetta Zanon (eds.)

Exhibition review

Madrid Acuosa / Aqueous Madrid