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An encounter with stone. Designing with the aesthetic force
of post-mining landscapes
Shaun Rosier

Leave Catalytic Traces:
Land-based infrastructures for environmental mitigation at Fly Ranch, Nevada, USA
Jessica Rossi-Mastracci

The fictional soils of a ‘sustainable’ Anthropocene:
A new materialist story of the soils of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Eric Guibert, Alec Tostevin

Under the sky

The Palimpsest Plan:
A critical investigation of the French Métropole Jardin
Denis Delbaere, Frédéric Pousin

Thinking eye

Homing bodies
Suzanne Mathew, Stewart Skylar Copeland

Drawing during lockdown:
Observing the ‘unquantifiable, but speculatively knowable’ dimensions of residential landscapes
Nicole Porter

Book reviews

Parks of the 21st Century:
Reinvented Landscapes, Reclaimed Territories

Victoria Newhouse with Alex Pisha

New Grounds for Dutch Landscape
Lytle Shaw

Mise-en-Scène: The Lives and Afterlives of Urban Landscapes
Chris Reed and Mike Belleme (eds.)

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design method


Rereading St Ann’s Hill
Susan Herrington

Multispectral imagery and land cover classification
Karen M’Closkey, Keith VanDerSys

Humanly modified ground and time-based aesthetics
Thomas Juel Clemmensen

Grounding landscape design in high-resolution laser-scanned topography
Philipp R.W. Urech, Aurel von Richthofen, Christophe Girot

Under the sky

Experiments in landscape architecture in 1970s France:
The Cergy-Pontoise Recreational Park

Suzanne Rey

Thinking eye

By the Numbers: Rethinking the AgriCultural Image
Forbes Lipschitz

Book reviews

The Topography of Wellness:
How Health and Disease Shaped the American Landscape
Sara Jensen Carr

Historical Gardens, Truth and Fiction:
Critical Readings of Historical Models in the Landscapes of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Monique Mosser, José Tito Rojo and Simonetta Zanon (eds.)

Exhibition review

Madrid Acuosa / Aqueous Madrid