Issue 1_2018

constructed nature
thing theory


Field exercises
Katherine Jenkins

Urban landscape design exercises in urban metabolism: reconnecting with Central Limburg’s regenerative resource landscape
Julie Marin and Bruno De Meulder

The landscape of things
Karl Kullmann

The scenography of nature in the work of Jean Nouvel
Jae-Young Lee

Under the Sky

Time, trial and thresholds: unfolding the iterative nature of design in a dryland river rehabilitation
Sareh Moosavi

Thinking Eye

Street DNA: the who, where and what of visual engagement with the urban street
James Simpson

Book Reviews

Cities in Time: Temporary Urbanism and the Future of the City
Review by Svava Riesto and Anne Margrethe Wagner

Constructed Ecologies. Critical Reflections on Ecology with Design
Review by Wolfgang Wende

Landscape Theory in Design
Review by Annemarie Bucher

Conference Review

A Table for Eight: Conversations on Landscape
Review by Marc Treib

ECLAS Conference 2017

Design and Research Roundtable
Review by Mick Abbott and Paul Roncken