Issue 1_2020

coastal climate
park reform


Theorizing the resilience district: Design-based decision making for coastal climate change adaptation
Alan M. Berger, Michael Wilson, Jonah Susskind, Richard J. Zeckhauser

Is landscape surface?
Mary Pat McGuire

The artistic and social role of public gardens: Béla Rerrich and the renewal of public park design in early twentieth-century Hungary
Luca Csepely-Knorr

The rubble in the jungle: A fragmented biography of Lukala’s cementscape, DR Congo
Robby Fivez

Under the Sky

The paths of gods and architects: From Japan to the Acropolis–the landscapes of Dimitris Pikionis
Irène Vogel Chevroulet

Thinking Eye

Camera #11: Calgary Captured
Nicole Kahal, Tracy Lee

Book Reviews

Topographies of Memories: A New Poetics of Commemoration
Review by Kaitlin M. Murphy

Integrated Urban Agriculture: Precedents, Practices, Prospects
Review by Jessica Ann Diehl

Exhibition Review

Nous les arbres / Trees
Review by Alessandro Gabbianelli