Issue 1_2021

critical landscape
routes and transects
aesthetic creation


A critical landscape and urban design Analysis of Egypt’s new Administrative Capital City
Julian Bolleter and Robert Cameron

Routes and transects: Reading extended urbanization in alpine zones
Bin Li

Aesthetic Creation Theory applied: A tribute to a glacier
Alexandra van Zyl and Rudi van Etteger

The Hotspot Cities Project: The case study of Bogotá 2050
Richard Weller, David Gouverneur, Zuzanna Drozdz, Boya Ye

Under the sky

From square to park: In search of centrality for Les Glòries in Barcelona
Cristina Ros Ballester

Thinking Eye

Understanding, proof and processes
Brenda J. Brown, Terry Harkness

Book Reviews

Patch Atlas: Integrating Design
Practices and Ecological Knowledge for Cities as Complex Systems