Issue 1_2023

Urban Forestry


Urban forests, forest urbanisms and global warming:
Developing greener, cooler and more resilient

and adaptable cities
Kelly Shannon, Chiara Cavalieri, Cecil Konijnendijk


Madrid Metropolitan Forest and the water cycle
Margarita Jover

Contested forests: The Van Gujjars’ struggle to settle
Zeba Amir, Bruno De Meulder

Deliberate and less intentional urban forests
Jorg Sieweke

Beyond the axe:
Interdisciplinary approaches towards
an urban silviculture
Nicholas Pevzner, Max R. Piana, Richard A. Hallett

Wood for the trees:
Design and policymaking of urban forests

in Berlin and Melbourne
Brent Greene, Wendy Walls

Under the sky

Botanic nations:
The aesthetic of the forest in Chandigarh
and Singapore
Bianca Maria Rinaldi

Thinking eye

Inhabited flooded forests of the Tonle Sap Lake
Vu Thi Phuong Linh

Forest Urbanism Frame:
A common ‘ground’ between forest and urbanism

Wim Wambecq

Book reviews

Outdoor Domesticity:
On the Relationships between Trees,

Architecture and Inhabitants
Ricardo Devesa

Green Obsession:
Trees towards Cities, Humans towards Forests

Maria Chiara Pastore, Simone Marchetti (eds.)

Conference review

Urban Forests, Forest Urbanisms and
Global Warming