Issue 2_2015

public space
borrowed scenery


Designing the ‘shapely city’: women, trees, and the city
Sonja Dümpelmann

Renewable energy distribution in public spaces: analyzing the case of Ballast Point Park in Sydney, using a triple bottom line approach
Kaan Ozgun, Debra Flanders Cushing, Laurie Buys

Borrowing scenery and the landscape that lends– the final chapter of Yuanye
Wybe Kuitert

Thinking ahead: design-directed research in a city which experienced fifty years of sea level change overnight
Nicki Copley, Jacky Bowring, Mick Abbott

Ecology good, aut-ecology better: improving the sustainability of designed plantings
Marc-Rajan Köppler, James D. Hitchmough

Under the Sky

A collection of stories: Euralens Centralité and the Louvre-Lens Museum Park
Zeltia Vega Santiago

Thinking Eye

Remembering the Celtic Peregrinati
Thomas Joshua Cooper

Book Reviews

Landscript 3: Topology: Topical Thoughts on the Contemporary Landscape
Christophe Girot, Anette Freytag, Albert Kirchengast, and Dunja Richter (eds.)

Wasteland: A History
Vittoria Di Palma

Landscape Architecture in Canada
Ron Williams

Conference Reviews

Great Asian Streets Symposium:
Asian Urban Places