Issue 3_2018

Landscape Criticism

Thinking it

Landscape criticism: Between dissolution and objectification
Jeremy Foster

Landscape architecture and the digital turn: Towards a productive critique
Jillian Walliss

The body in the library, or a blood meridian
Denise Hoffman Brandt

The critical landscape architectural project
Richard Weller

Provisional thoughts on criticism in China’s landscape design
Mu Xiaodong

Criticism in the age of global disruption
Anita Berrizbeitia

Doing it

Siting re-assemblage: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Ted Brown and Bill Brown

Between community and culture: The criticality of landscape infrastructure reuse in India
Alpa Nawre

Performative by-products: The emergence of waste reuse strategies at the Blue Lagoon
Catherine De Almeida

The asymmetry of landscape: Aesthetics, agency, and material reuse in the Reserva Ecológica de Buenos Aires
Brian Davis

Renewed landscapes: Obsolete airfields as landscape reserves for adaptive reuse
Sara Favargiotti

Thinking Eye

Landscape architectural photography: The critical representation of realized projects at the intersection of intent and actuality
Rhys Williams

Book Reviews

On Accident
Kamni Gill

Gleisdreieck / Parklife Berlin

Designing Parks: Berlin‘s Park am Gleisdreieck or the Art of Creating Lively Places
Sandra Bartoli

Table rase et paysage: Une exploration des paysages de la modernité pour un renouveau critique du planisme
Bernadette Blanchon

Zollverein Park: Staub, Stille und Spektakel
Bianca Maria Rinaldi