Issue autumn_2013

Water Landscapes


The ’duties of water’ with respect to planting: toward an ethics of irrigated landscapes
James L. Wescoat Jr.

Reinstating water, resurrecting the Witwatersrand
Tahira Natasha Toffah

From planning to profiling: reactivating characteristic watermarks to structure the Flemish territory
Christian Nolf, Bruno De Meulder

The aesthetic performance of urban landscapebased stormwater management systems: a review of twenty projects in Northern Europe
Antje Backhaus, Ole Fryd

Blue voids: stormwater strategies for abandoned lands
Jill Desimini

Thinking eye

Water Tank
Catherine Seavitt Nordenson

fishbag: art and science out of the river bellyk
Corinne Studer

Under the Sky

Designing with water above the Arctic Circle: East Three School
Susan Herrington

In conversation with

Terje Tvedt
Matthew Gandy
Herbert Dreiseitl

Book Reviews

The Waters of Rome: Aqueducts, Fountains, and the Birth of the Baroque City
Katherine Wentworth Rinne

River.Space.Design. Planning Strategies, Methods and Projects for Urban Rivers
Martin Prominski, Antje Stokman, Daniel Stimberg, Hinnerk Voermanek, Susanne Zeller

Sweet & Salt: Water and the Dutch
Tracy Metz, Maartje van den Heuvel (eds.)

Short Book Reviews

Asia´s New Battleground

Shallow-Water Dictionary:
A Grounding in Estuary English

A Swimmer´s Journey through Britain

Le pont transbordeur de Marseille, Moholy-Nagy

Conference Reviews

Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa

André Le NÔtre and Water:
Aesthetics and Mastery

Smart City:
The Next Generation, Focus Southeast Asia and Overflowing Potential: The Urban Water Challenge

Asia Water Week 2013

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013