Issue spring_2012

Eye Tracking
Site Specificity


Site specifity in contemporary large- scale harbour transformation projects
Ellen Brae, Lisa Diedrich

Quantitative methods of measuring restorative components in urban public parks
Helena Nordh

Learning from FedEx: lessons for the city
Clare Lyster

Spectral denivelations: la mémoire du rail and topographical excess at the Jardins d’Éole
Jeremy Foster

Under the Sky

Processing Downsview Park: transforming a theoretical diagram to master plan and construction reality
Alissa North

Thinking Eye

Why is drawing important to research?
Khondaker Hasil Kabir

Book Reviews

Landscapology. Learning to Landscape the City – Paul van Beek and Charles Vermaas
Review by Christophe Girot

Frederick Law Olmsted: Essential Texts Robert Twombly (ed.)
Review by Sonia Keravel

(Re)Designing Nature – Current Concepts for Shaping Nature in Art and Landscape Architecture – Susanne Witzgall, Florian Matzner, Iris Meder, Künstlerhaus Wien (eds.)
On The Water / Palisade Bay – Guy Nordenson, Catherine Seavitt, Adam Yarinsky, et al.
Review by Erik Meinharter

Conference Reviews

Jacques Gréber, Urbanist and Garden Designer
Review by Jereon de Vries

Second Wave of Modernism: Landscape Complexity and Transformations
Review by Thaisa Way

Mind the Gap: Landscapes for a New Era
Review by Peter Zöc