Cover 1-2015 - Theme Issue

Disaster and its aftermath



Shifting ground: Landslide risk mitigation through
community-based landscape interventions
Joseph Claghorn, Christian Werthmann

From absolute protection to controlled disaster:
New perspectives on flood management in times
of climate change
Frédéric Rossano

Water as a metric for urban development in India
Alpa Nawre

Thinking Eye

Defiant gardens
Kenneth I. Helphand

Birds do not sing
Michael Mersinis

Under the Sky

Remembrance Park 14–18: The landscape
as a score for the choreography of memory
Emilie Gallier

Landscape as memory
Thilo Folkerts

In conversation with

Miho Mazereeuw / Fred Keijzer

Book Reviews

Close Up at a Distance:
Mapping, Technology and Politics
Laura Kurgan

Go with Me—50 Steps to Landscape Thinking
Thomas Oles

Wächterhäuser an der Semmeringbahn:
Haus Infrastruktur Landschaft
Roland Tusch

Conference Reviews

Urban by Nature. Sixth International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR)

Short Book Reviews

Humanitarian Architecture: 15 Stories of Architects
Working After Disaster | Imaging Disaster: Tokyo
and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake-
of 1923 | Regarding the Pain of Others | Difficult
Places. Landscapes of Remembrance by Sinai