Cover 1-2016 - Theme Issue

Dredge / novel ecologies / energy infrastructure /design disciplines



Designing dredge: engaging the sediment
landscapes of the Great Lakes Basin
Sean Burkholder

Richard Hansen and modern planting design
Stefan Körner
Florian Bellin-Harder
Nora Huxmann

Disciplinary convergence: landscape
architecture and the spatial design disciplines
Karl Kullmann

Developing renewable energy in discontiguous
Greenland: an infrastructural urbanism of
‘material practices’
Susan J. Carruth

Aesthetic creation theory
and landscape architecture
Rudi van Etteger
Ian H. Thompson
Vera Vicenzotti

Under the Sky

The urban university‘s hybrid campus
Thaïsa Way

Thinking Eye

Christopher Wallbank
Tim Birkhead

Book Reviews

Labo S Works 2004–2014.
A Landscape Perspective on Urbanism
Review by Koos Bosma

Women, Modernity, and Landscape Architecture
Review by Karin Seeber

Conference Reviews

Let’s Walk Urban Landscapes.
New Pathways in Design Research
Review by Saskia I. de Wit