Cover Spring 2011 - Issue 11

Checkerboards / Epistemology /

Memory / Moonlight



Checkerboard Cascades: forestry and
design in the American Northwest
Dan Handel

Research strategies in landscape architecture: mapping the terrain
Simon Swaffield, M. Elen Deming

Between cultural and ecological processes: historical plant use in communal parks
in Berlin, Germany
Sylvia Butenschön, Ina Säumel

Landscape machines:
productive nature and the future sublime
Paul Roncken, Sven Stremke,
Maurice P.C.P. Paulissen

Under the Sky

Hidden meanings, obvious messages:
landscape architecture as a reflection of a
city’s self-conception and image strategy
Constanze Petrow

Thinking Eye

Moonlight in Japanese Zen Buddhist
Temple Gardens: an analytical simulation
Toru Mitani

Book Reviews

Fra naturlig natur til SUPERNATUR.
Europæisk landskabsarkitektur 1967-2007
set fra Danmark / Malene Hauxner

Thomas Mawson: Life, Gardens,
and Landscapes / Janet Waymark

Urban Green. European Landscape Design
for the 21st Century / Annette Becker, Peter Cachola Schmal (ed.)