Cover Spring 2012 - Issue 13

Eye Tracking / Logistics /

Site Specificity / Spectrality



Site specifity in contemporary large- scale harbour transformation projects
Ellen Brae, Lisa Diedrich

Quantitative methods of measuring restorative components in urban public parks
Helena Nordh

Learning from FedEx: lessons for the city
Clare Lyster

Spectral denivelations: la mémoire du rail and topographical excess at the Jardins d’Éole
Jeremy Foster

Under the Sky

Processing Downsview Park:
transforming a theoretical diagram to master
plan and construction reality
Alissa North

Thinking Eye

Why is drawing important to research?
Khondaker Hasil Kabir

Book Reviews

Learning to Landscape the City
Paul van Beek and Charles Vermaas
Review by Christophe Girot

Frederick Law Olmsted:
Essential Texts Robert Twombly (ed.)
Review by Sonia Keravel

(Re)Designing Nature – Current Concepts for Shaping Nature in Art and Landscape Architecture
Susanne Witzgall, Florian Matzner, Iris Meder, Künstlerhaus Wien (eds.)
On The Water / Palisade Bay
Guy Nordenson, Catherine Seavitt,
Adam Yarinsky, et al.

Review by Erik Meinharter

Conference Reviews

Jacques Gréber, Urbanist and Garden Designer

Review by Jereon de Vries

Second Wave of Modernism: Landscape Complexity and Transformations
Review by Thaisa Way

Mind the Gap: Landscapes for a New Era
Review by Peter Zöc