Cover 2-2016 - Theme Issue

10 th anniversary issue



What’s in a name? The establishment of JoLA
Karsten Jørgensen

Research and design in JoLA
Martin Prominski

To Draw
Catherine Dee

Criticism: the potential of the scholarly reading
of constructed landscapes. Or, the difficult art of interpretation
Bernadette Blanchon

Amid shifting paradigms: teaching and research
Kelly Shannon


Modernist landscapes of Ankara
Burcu Yiğit-Turan

Discovering the last free place: social identity
and territorial conflict in the landscape of Slab
City, California
Kathleen John–Alder
Andrew Op‘t Hof

Towards a new infrastructure:
aesthetic thinking, synthetic sensibilities
David Salomon

Right-sizing shrinking cities: a landscape and
design strategy for abandoned properties
Jeremy Németh
Justin Hollander

Under the Sky

Ile de Nantes 2000–2010:
a method for the meantime?
Lisa Diedrich
Caroline Dahl

Book Reviews

Projective Ecologies
Review by Catharina Sack

Zeitgenössische Landschaftsarchitektur in
Österreich / Contemporary Landscape
Architecture in Austria
Review by Maria Hellström Reimer