Cover 3-2016

cinematics | drought | sensory landscapes | stream valleys



Gilpin in the city:
The Baltimore stream valley parks
Elissa Rosenberg

Shifting climate, reshaping urban landscapes:
Designing for drought in the Campine landscape
Jeroen De Waegemaeker, Maarten Van Acker,
Eva Kerselaers, Elke Rogge

Landscape for a planet with two dwarf suns
Marc Treib

Under the Sky

Sensory landscape experience:
Stepping outside the visuallandscape
of the motorway in the Garden of Birds
Saskia de Wit

Thinking Eye

The body as dust
Catherine Dereix Carrillo

Thinking Eye Selected Shorts

Field: The spaces between
Jon Hunt

Nameless Field
Katherine Jenkins

Braided Field
Liska Chan

Book Reviews

A Landscape Manifesto &
Drawing and Reinventing Landscape
Review by David L. Hays

Beauty Redeemed:
Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes
Review by Catharina Dyrssen

Episodic Urbanism:
The RMIT Urban Spaces Project 1996–2015
by Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design
Review by Julian Raxworthy