Cover Autumn 2007 - Issue 4

Seoul / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Tokyo



Indigenous Landscape Urbanism:
Sri Lanka’s Reservoir & Tank System
Kelly Shannon & Samitha Manawadu

Private Use of Public Open Space. A Study of the
Hybrid Landscape of Tokyo‘s Informal Gardens
Marieluise C. Jonas

The 21st Century Garden City? The metaphor
of the garden in contemporary Singaporean
urbanism / Richard Weller & Steven Velegrinis

The new Dutch parks: relation between form
and use / Alexandra Tisma & Margit Jókövi

Under the Sky

Cheonggyecheon Linear Park, Seoul
Maria Bianca Rinaldi

Thinking Eye

Voyages / Olivier Marty

Book Reviews


Constructing Architecture

Rebel in the Garden

New Waterscapes

In Gardens

André Le Nôtre, fragments
d’un paysage culturel