Cover Spring 2008 - Issue 5

Beauty / Floods / Climate /
Influential Planners



Sustaining beauty. The performance
of appearance. A manifesto in three parts
Elizabeth K. Meyer

Landscape planning for flood risk management
planning with SEA / D. Bruns, N. Haustein,
J. Willeke

A city is not a building – architectural concepts
for public square design in dutch urban climate contexts / Sanda Lenzholzer

Landscape planning: A brief history of
influentual ideas / Carl Steinitz

Under the Sky

The urban as infrastructural landscape.
Open space and infrastructure networks in
the Val de Bièvre metropolitan area (Paris)
Georges Farhat

Thinking Eye

Hidden Town / Gregor Graf

Book Reviews

Staging Change

Open Space: People Space

E40° – An Interpretive Atlas

Landscape +

The Sun King Louis XIV