Cover Spring 2009 - Issue 7

Globalisation / Poetics / Grasslands



‘As good as the West’: two paradoxes of globalisation and landscape architecture in St. Petersburg / Jacky Bowring, Shelley Egoz and Maria Ignatieva

Diversification of grassland in urban­ greenspace
with planted, nursery-grown forbs
James Hitchmough

Para-Scape: landscape architecture in Dubai
Julian Bolleter

Landscape architecture’s commitment to
landscape concept: a missing link?
Adnan Kaplan

Embedded poetics and surrounding politics
of a coastal squatter settlement
Reena Tiwari

Under the Sky

Two squares in Helsinki: a biography
Marc Treib

Thinking Eye

The touch of the world: dynamic vegetation
studies and embodied knowledge
Roland Gustavsson

Book Reviews


Creating Knowledge

Barcelona, perifèria cubista

Invisible Work – Michael van Gessel

Museumplein di Amsterdam