Issue 2_2014

Landscape Specifics


Designing large-scale landscapes through walking
Henrik Schultz

Navigating urban landscapes − adaptive and specific design approach for the ‘Landschaftszug’ in Dessau
Sigrun Langner

A hydroelectric landscape in the Italian Alps: elements, meanings, and design cues in a historical hydroelectric development in Alta Valtellina
Francesco Carlo Toso

The management of dissonance in nature restoration
Thomas Juel Clemmensen

Tropism and tectonics − fundamental principles of space formation
Per Hedfors

Thinking Eye

Land Prints
Roberto Rovira

Under the Sky

Urban agriculture in Vila Nova de Gaia: the nurturing symbiosis
Isabel Martinho da Silva

In conversation with
Marc Antrop / Tim Ingold

Book Reviews

Petrochemical America
Richard Misrach and Kate Orff

New Geographies 3: Urbanisms of Color
Gareth Doherty (ed.)

Short Book Reviews

Greening Berlin | City Trees | The City in the City – Berlin: A Green Archipelago

Exhibition Review

André Le Nôtre en Perspectives, 1613 −2013

Grove: Landscape Architectural Drawings
by Catherine Dee

Conference Reviews

Metropolis Nonformal: Anticipation