Issue 3_2014

Digital representation


Hyper-realism and loose-reality: the limitations of digital realism and alternative principles in landscape design visualization
Karl Kullmann

Beautiful landscapes in drag, the material performance of hypernature
Katherine E. Bennett

The potential of ecologically enhanced urban parks to encourage and catalyze densification in greyfield suburbs
Julian Bolleter, Cristina E. Ramalho

Pedagogical foundations: deploying digital techniques in design / research practice
Jillian Walliss, Heike Rahmann, Zaneta Hong, Jorg Sieweke

Under the Sky

Learning from artificial glaciers in the Himalaya: design for climate change through low-tech infrastructural devices
Carey Clouse

Thinking Eye

Piet Oudolf

Looking up, Looking down
Phoebe Lickwar, Katya Crawford

Book Reviews

The Pleasure Garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island
Jonathon Conlin (ed.)

Operative Landscapes: Building Communities Through Public Space
Alissa North

Kritik zeitgenössischer Landschaftsarchitektur. Städtische Freiräume im öffentlichen Diskurs
Constanze A. Petrow

Conference Reviews

Sound and Scent in the Garden

Nature and Cities

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum Sarajevo 2014