Cover Autumn 2012 - Issue 12

Dams / Linear parks / Pruning /

Resilience / Roofscapes



Landscape Cubism: parks that break
the pictorial frame
Beth Diamond

Resilience as a framework for urbanism and recovery
Penny Allan, Martin Bryant

Dam[ned] landscapes: re-visioning the Volta River Project’s unsettled territories
Viviana d’Auria, Bruno De Meulder

Thin parks/thick edges: towards a linear park typology for (post)infrastructural sites
Karl Kullmann

Under the Sky

Gardening forms: landscape architecture and gardening in Sven-Ingvar Andersson’s-
garden at Marnas
Julian Raxworthy

Thinking Eye

NYC Roofscapes
Alex MacLean

Book Reviews

Spatial Recall: Memory in Architecture and
Landscape / Marc Treib (ed.) Review by Constanze
A. Petrow

Bracket 1: On Farming / Mason White and Maya Przybylski (eds.) Review by Maddalena Falletti

Designing the Reclaimed Landscape / Alan Berger (ed.) Review by Alissa North