Cover 3-2017

design methods | thermal comfort | migration | regeneration



Leaves in movement:
The letters of Roberto Burle Marx
Guilherme Mazza Dourado

Urban landscape approaches for a
deindustrialized town:
City Beautiful and modernist restructure
in the case study of Bolton, Manchester
Luca Csepely-Knorr and Amber Roberts

Developing green infrastructure design
guidelines for urban climate adaptation
Wiebke Klemm, Sanda Lenzholzer,
Adri van den Brink

The French picturesque and the invention of
landscape architecture as a design discipline
Steven Heyde

Under the Sky

Spectacle Island: From discarded fill to
designed landscape, a ‘natural’-looking park
Chiara Geroldi

Thinking Eye

Mapping Current Wars and Conflicts
Dan Mills

TE Selected Shorts

Landscape of displacement
Brendan Bannon

Book Reviews

The Invention of Nature
Alexander von Humboldt‘s New World
Review by Kelly Shannon

The Course of Landscape Architecture:
A History of Our Designs on the Natural World,
from Prehistory to the Present
Review by Kelly D. Cook

Exhibition Review

Review by Georges Farhat